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About Hedge.lu

Hedge.lu has been created in June 2017 by Hector Mercadier. This website aims at helping students, academics and professional to learn and use finance History. Hedge.lu lists finance cases, with brief descriptions and key takeaways, that can be used to enhance a course or training about finance. It can also be used to provide real-life and concrete examples in a dissertation, article or discussion.

About Hector Mercadier

Hector created Hedge.lu in June 2017, approximately one year after having bought the domain name. Better later than never! The initial motivation to create this website was to gather all the finance cases that Hector had encountered through his studies at EDHEC Business School, as well as those read in the specialized press.

Hector Mercadier is currently working as a business analyst for KPMG Luxembourg[1]. He is enrolled in the MSc in Risk and Finance program at EDHEC Business School[2]. Hector regularly publishes articles on several websites:


  1. KPMG Luxembourg's Website
  2. EDHEC, MSc in Risk and Finance Program Website